Sunday, July 26, 2015

1st week of SUMMER with the KIDS

Yup, that time of year again.  Kids out of school and spending a whole week with Dad at the beach.  Anna has been with us all summer as usual.  Mic and Madison come down for a full week of sun and fun w/ dad and Sharon.

We spent some time with the Grandparents at the front end of the trip.  Then back to Murrells Inlet for a day, then off to Day Trip (or two) to Charleston,  Sharon had to work a Wed Peds shift so I took the kids for a kayak trip with COA and our guide Nick gave us a very interesting tour of the estuaries in and around Folly Beach Island.  We saw a pod of dolphin and a calf or two "bubble netting/feeding" which was awesome.  An osprey diving to feed on fish and a few pelicans dive bombing as well.  The wild life and marsh were amazing from the water.  Madison was with me in a tandum kayak and Anna and Mic piloted their own.

We washed up and enjoyed the pool at the Town and Country Inn in West Ashley.  The it was off to FUEL for dinner.

Thursday was spent recuperating and on Friday we were off to North Augusta, SC for a lecture I was to give on Saturday morning at the public Library.  On our way we stopped off in Aiken and visited the Train Museum and then downtown Augusta GA where I went to Med school.  MCG now GRU has a much larger more modern campus I could barely recognize.  Also my duplex where I roomed with Adolph for 3 years was still standing on Telfare and 3rd St.  But much of the downtown area including the RiverWalk was in disrepair and rundown.  Was quite a pity.  What was once a wonderful gem of the downtown has decayed and become unappreciated by the town-folk of Augusta.  We did eat at the Cotton Patch and took in some live Jazz.  

The following day in N. Augusta I meet Barbara the coordinator of lectures for adults at the library and lectured for a bit over an hour to an enthusiastic group of folks on "Modern advances in surgery and medicine during the Am. Civil War."  Afterwards we toured N. Augusta and headed back towards Aiken for more sightseeing.  A big horse town we stopped by a popular outdoor garden and visited the equestrian racing museum there as well.  Dusted off our visit with the best meal of the week at Malia's on main street and whet our whistle at Betsy's On The Corner.

Pictures I asked the kids to send me from their cell phones:

Madison's picture of our backyard, now with some new flora.

The Museum of Horse Racing (Hall of Fame)

Anna & Mic having a good laugh.

Mic's picture of the Cooper-River Bridge from the Mt. Plznt side while walking a trail along the marsh.

Painted Horse in Aiken, SC

We stopped in for a quick cool drink at the Wilcox Hotel & Restaurant.  (A historic Inn)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Come listen to a lecture on advances made in surgery and medicine during the Civil War

July 25th 2015 - Nancy Carson Library 135 Edgefield Rd North Augusta, SC 29841

Gen Stonewall Jackson's statue on grounds of Capital Richmond VA

July 25th 2015 (11AM)

Lecture on Am Civil War Medicine
Nancy Carson Library
135 Edgefield Rd
North Augusta, SC .  11AM-12:30PM

803-279-5767 for more info.  ask for Barbara Walker

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sharon got her Forester fixed.... now to replace her badges....

Following a rear end collision last month, her beloved Subaru Forester is now fixed and looking pretty good.  Body shop also popped out dents on the side.

Need to add these back on:


Saturday, July 04, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Aviv Service Today of Charleston SC

Got this email today from YELP!  Thought I would share:

and     looks like I am not the only one to give them a bad review...

JUN 26, 2015  |  11:36AM PDT

We're writing to let you know your reviews of Aviv Service Today have been brought to our attention by the Yelp community. After careful evaluation, we have left your original review of Aviv Service Today up, but we have removed your review updates. The update feature should be used to post about a new experience or interaction with a business. To learn more, check out our Content Guidelines at

If you have additional information you wish to share about your original experience, you can use the edit function to revise your original review. To learn how, check out

Thanks for understanding, and we'll see you on Yelp!

Removed Content:

Just to update the situation. Once we got the SC Office of Consumers Affairs involved and the rebuttal by your COO... I passed this along to the Property Manager at Bee Street Condos along with 2 other estimates for repairs (coming to $150). The property manager and the landlord considered their mistake in accepting such a high bid for repairs and have adjusted our bill. 1. They are refunding us the difference (some $90+) and 2. They are likely never to use your services, as it has generated such a headache and plethora of paperwork due to such overcharges that trickle down to the responsible parties (tenants). I have provided them with at least two alternative service agencies that can more affordable service their condo tenants, without generating such anger and upset.

My problem does not lie in your completion of task, it is an issue with competitive cost and over pricing of services rendered by competitors in the field that are a fraction of the cost.

(In reply to owners comments)


Cheap Shot..... that will probably backfire.... Read More:

From: JP
To: EDitor EDitor@ripoffreport (Online Rip Off Reporting Service)
Cc: jpsaleeby
Subject: Retaliatory Posting
Date: Tue, Nov 27, 2012 10:58 am

Dear sir,


and regarding the original complaint filed by me:

This posting by "livinginclt" was a retaliatory posting after I posted a negative report on an overpriced appliance service company called AVIV. I have a letter from AVIV's COO stating such slander about my office practice (ad hominem argument) which are actually unfounded and not true... my office in Myrtle Beach has nothing to do with his claims which he is getting off my personal web site pricing schedule which is out of date and does not apply today. My solo practice prices are actually far less than what the industry charges for anti-aging consultations (check out BodyLogics and Cenegenics). So this person from ''Matthews NC" who is Mr. Bradford, has never even seen me in the office, I have never encountered them as a patient and Matthews is the home base (HQ) of AVIV Service Today. They should be reprimanded for such unethical postings and attacking my ''person'' and not rebutting the actual issue. Can you please remove this listing or at least place a notice (as IO aware of your policy not to remove complaints, but I am sure that applies to legitimate complaints and not spam) that this is fictitious and was done in retaliation for a posting I made legitimately against their company.

Will cut and paste the response from Mr. Bradford, their COO on RipOff Reports own website. If you read the last paragraph, it mirrors his attack on my private practice (having nothing to do with the complaint). I am convinced this was a blatant attack on me and my office resulting from a legitimate complaint about his company. Additionally the web site listed is NOT the WellnessOne web site (so information in the complaint is erroneous) and they misspelled my first name too.

#1 Employee
Aviv Service Today
AUTHOR: Aviv Service Today - Charleston (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. First of all, the cost of repair was not $400; it was $233.76 plus tax, which totaled $253.63. Yes there was an $80 service charge for the service technician to come to the rental property and diagnose the appliance. This is a separate charge from the cost of repair, much like a physician charges you an office visit and then an additional charge to treat your illness. The total charge came to $333.63, NOT $400. Yet, somehow you continue to claim that the cost of repair was $400.

Your review implies that your phone call and emails were never addressed, which in fact is not true. You called our office one time and I personally returned your call within 30 minutes. Every email that you sent was given an immediate and appropriate response. You claim that you were able to go out and find two other companies in Charleston that would do the work for a lower price. This I completely agree with. I could have given you more than two companies, but they would have been companies that do not guarantee their work by ensuring that each and every customer is completely satisfied with the work they've hired us to do and they also do not offer a 5 year part warranty and a 90 day warranty on all related service, as Aviv Service Today does.

It's interesting that you had absolutely no problem when the property manager called us, approved and paid for the repair. Did you question the amount they were paying, or were you just happy that you and your family had a working appliance again?

For someone who is so concerned with the practice of "customary and usual pricing", I'd like to know how you justify charging your patients $300 for a 20 minute anti-aging consultation? (Please see link below) That is $900 an hour! (I had a monkey double check my math) I bet your answer would be the same as mine; you get what you pay for. If you want to pay less and receive a lower quality of service, then you need to go somewhere else.

Todd Bradford
Director of Operations
Aviv Service Today, Inc


JP Saleeby, MD

PS: Shame on you Mr. Bradford and AVIV Service

Yelp Support
San Francisco, California

Yelp Official Blog |
Yelp Support Center |
Yelp for Business Owners |
For your reference this is Case #: 3638877

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fagron Academy Lectures on Advanced bioidentical Hormone replacement

Dr. Hamid and I presented two lectures each on Friday to Fagron Academy participants in Miami, FLA.  Our topics were on Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones.  Stayed across the street at the JW Marriott in D/Town Miami.  Enjoying the experience and meeting some other doctors and PhamDs.

Image result for fagron academy

Image result for fagron academy

Image result for fagron academy

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Visiting my Uncle Camille and Aunt Leila Salibi

Broke up my journey down to Miami for the Fagron Academy lectures with a stop in Parkland, FL only a 45 minute drive north of Miami to visit my Aunt & Uncle.  Had a good visit and got all caught up with things.  Dined at a very nice restaurant with my Uncle (Guys Night Out) and then had a healthy breakfast the next day, with benefits of eating fresh fruit (mango) from his garden.

Met up with one of my new partners on the Zimetry project, Ernesto at the local Starbucks.  It turns out he live less than 3 miles from my aunt and uncle.  How about them apples.

Some Pics of Miami:

Dr. Hamid Lecturing

Me Lecturing

Ferrari Traffic Jam.... got to love Miami

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day on Lake Bond

Mic and Dad tossing a ball at the pool in Cindy & Michael's community

Cindy snapped these photos of us cannoning about the Lake in Bond Park

Saturday, May 16, 2015

California Trip: Day 5 CardioDx Labs

One of the reasons for the last minute trip to California was to attend a Symposium put on my CardioDx Labs... they have offered a product/test to forward thinking physicians that uses 23 genes in a test designed to study gene expression mRNA and how it relates to the severity of atherosclerosis disease.  This is a 1st step test to determine or predict one likelihood of having obstructive coronary disease.  Safer and less invasive than a cardiac catherization and far less expensive to the patient and the system.  This test can singly eliminate over-studying using invasive cardiac catherization.

I presented a couple of cases (from my practice over the past 2 years) and enjoyed the discussions of the other 44 or so clinicians (PCPs. IMs, Cardiologists and mid-levels).

David Levison, CEO of CardioDx in front of HQ

Here is a photo I took in front of their Redwood California HQ.  I had a chance to speak with CEO David Levison on future developments at the company.  He is a very approachable guy.  Really liked the team they have put together. Not only is the big software company Oracle located here but so is CardioDx.

Afterwards Sharon and I spend the rest of out time enjoying and walking down by the Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio park area.  We picnic-ed under the long shadows of the bridge.  We sure <3 cali.="" font="">

California Trip Day 4: Up towards Redwood, CA (stops in Boulder Creek and Pescadero)

After a solid breakfast at the Cottage, we cleaned up and packed.  Heading out towards Boulder Creek out old stomping grounds with Myr and Al and where we tied the knot almost a decade ago.  The Victorian house that was the Heritage House was not in operation as no one was around and it looked a bit neglected.  So we missed out on standing on the site we got married.

We found an original sculpture by Vincent Glinsky in an antique store for just over $80, but it has to be worth much more.  Anyway we snapped it up.  Small enough, we packed it for our trip home.

Vincent Glinsky (1895-1975) Russian born American Artist ... "seated nude"

Had some awesome Mexican food just before leaving Boulder Creek and a crazy drive up and down the mountains towards Pescadero... one of our favorite places to pick up some "Half and Half" soup at Duarte's Tavern... it is a mix of artichoke and green chili soup.  An award winning soup.  We picked up some trinkets for Mic and Madison.

Duarte's Tavern

Making it just in time for dinner sponsored by CardioDx Labs at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood Ca (just south of San Fran).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

California Trip Day 3: The Hearst Castle

Visited Hearst Castle after a 2.5 hr ride down Hwy 1 on the coast... better than a roller coaster thrill.

Dinner at Robert's in Paco Robel's Templeton, CA.

California Trip Day 2: Big Sur

We opened up our 2nd day with a drive thru Monterey, Carmel-by-the-sea and skirted Pebble Beach... on our way down Hwy 1 (senic HWY) along the ocean.  Destination was Big Sur and the state parks.

Hikes for hours around Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur and met some cool park rangers and folks along the trail from all parts of the country and world.

Big Redwood.... 

Redwoods with their fire resistant bark sometimes get burned out from the inside, still living they have these burnt out "animal pens" where early settlers would keep their chickens and other small animals penned up and protected.

Panoramic view of HWY just south of Carmel with beautiful Pacific Ocean overview... Traffic was stopped due to a Helicopter (if you look hard just to the left of Sharon's head you will see it).

we hiked up the Waterfall trail in Pfeiffer State Park (Big Sur)

boscage of Redwoods at the park

After dinner at the "Grill" in Carmel, we drove back to Seaside and our favorite business window artwork... is this really a couch potato or a picture of a turd?  LOL we laughed about this for hours....

Sharon's fb page

we also met a very cool Nun... Sister Ashta (sp) who worked in Haiti as a nun with Mthr Teresa back in the day.  She was sorting out her recently deceased mother's oriental antique shop in downtown Carmel, while we did not purchase we did converse for an hour with this very sweet and spiritual sister.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cali Trip 2015: Day 1

Day 1 in Cali.

Early morning departure from RDU meant we arrived around 10AM PST in California... yeah, a full day to explore San Fran before heading down to Seaside and our AirBnB.

We flew UNITED, but had to take off points for a 6 hr flight w/out any included FOOD or in-flight TV options other than an old episode of "The Deadliest Catch" you had to pay for head phones, TV and movie access... YIKES.  Not likely to fly that airline again.... but at lease the pilot landed us safely in a lot of cross winds.

San Fran was enjoyed with a stop for lunch at a local Vietnamese Restaurant (see my Trip Advisor and Yelp Reviews)... and a full day at the Golden Gate Park, Japanese gardens and tea room (our MUST see each time we visit here) also the Botanical Garden and our usual stop to lay and enjoy the sun and sky in the "Main Lawn".  Super nice.

Then a 2.5 hr journey south to our home for 3 days:  An artists studio all to our own.  Dinner was had at a local mom-pop authentic Mexican restaurant... again see my Yelp review.